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    UEAStudentMinds is a student-led campaign group at the University of East Anglia. We promote positive mental health on campus by running campaigns and events, such as talks, workshops and fundraisers.


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  • About Student Minds

    Supporting Students Mental Health.

    We are a free society who are passionate about raising mental health awareness and increasing support on campus. We offer peer support workshops throughout the year where we give fellow students advice and support with mental health difficulties such as mild anxiety and depression, but there is no need to have a formal diagnosis to come to the groups. In these sessions we discuss topics such as how to get good sleep, better eating habits and positive socialising which have all been proven to help mental health. All of our peer facilitators are fellow students that have had specialist training in supporting others,and are always happy to answer questions via our email and facebook pages.


    We are also looking to expand our campaigns, we run events throughout the year and we would love for these to become bigger and better, so we are looking for students passionate about expanding the society, even if they do not want to become facilitators. We want to help make the university experience a more positive one for all those who are currently struggling with their mental health, we often advertise our events through our facebook page so be sure to follow us on there and we also send out emails to our members.


    UEAStudentMinds is supported by Student Minds, the UK's student mental health charity. Student Minds delivers research-driven training and support to equip students to bring about positive change on their campuses through campaigning and facilitating peer support programmes.


    Join the society for free here: https://www.uea.su/opportunities/society/9297/

    To find out more, please visit www.studentminds.org.uk, or confidentially email uea@studentminds.org.uk.



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  • Looking for volunteers!

    Interested in helping UEA student minds run peer support groups or campaigning around campus? Applications are now open!


    Sucessful facilitators will be provided with two free days of mental health awareness training. This will then enable you to run our positive minds workshops, where you will be helping others who are struggling with mental health by discussing topics such as sleep, diet and exercise. You can apply here: http://www.studentminds.org.uk/applytobeapeersupportfacilit…


    We are also looking for people who are interested in managing the society such as helping with our social media accounts and general organisation, along with creating and running mental health awareness campaigns. You can apply via the button below.


    The deadline for both applications is Sunday the 20th of May, good luck!

  • Self-Care Workshop

    UEA Student Minds are running a free self-care workshop on the 15th of May in Congregation Hall 0.09 at 1pm. All are welcome, feel free to come along and learn more about how to maintain your mental health this stressful exam season. We will be having some group discussion on self-care tips, and how to create and maintain good self-care habits during stressful times to help support your mental wellbeing. You can find out more about us on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/StudentMindsUEA/ and join the society for free here: https://www.uea.su/opportunities/society/9297/. Please feel free to bring any housemates/friends along who might benefit.

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  • What is the positive minds workshop?

    The workshops have currently finished but will be running again in the new academic year



    Low mood is common among university students. Very common.

    The Positive Minds course has been designed to give students the skills they need to keep low mood at bay. If you are interested in learning new ideas to help you keep your university experience a positive one, this course is for you!

    The Positive Minds sessions follow a structure; through six meetings you will be guided through a workbook packed full of ideas and suggestions to help you stay positive.

    The theory behind the course

    The course has been developed using material from www.studentsagainstdepression.org which provides award-winning information and self-help resources for depression. You may want to refer to the site during and after the course.

    The theory behind this course goes something like this... when depression gets a foothold in your life, it can quickly take hold in the form of a series of mutually reinforcing habits. That is, when we let low mood hang around, it is easy to end up in a downward spiral. Depressed behaviour, in the form of avoidance and social withdrawal, reinforces depressed feelings and the lethargy that often accompanies depression. Whilst not a substitute for professional help, the strategies discussed on this course offer a starting point for doing what you can yourself to turn this spiral around or for preventing chronic stress or low mood from spiraling into depression.

    The course structure has been developed on the basis of evidence that self-help advice is most effective when it can be translated into clearly stated personal implementation intentions. In other words, turning a general piece of advice into a very specific goal that you intend to carry out at a specific time or in a specific context. The purpose of the course is to support your efforts to make positive practical changes in your daily life between the course sessions.

    "The facilitators understand my issues and have made me feel comfortable"

    Taking depression seriously

    Depression can be a very serious condition and it is always advisable to seek professional support if you think you may be depressed. This course is not a substitute for professional treatment.

    At the same time, there are many small ways in which to build your own ‘positive mind’ campaign of resistance to low mood and depression. Each week on this course you will set step by step personal goals, so that by the end of the course you have a clear foundation for continuing to build a ‘positive minds’ life.

    Please note that individuals will be asked to sign in with their GP contact details at the beginning of each session. These details will not be stored and you will be free to take the information away with you at the end of the session.

    Workshop Weekly Schedule

    Week 1

    We'll be sharing ideas and skills for building your support network.

    Week 2

    How do you manage stress? We'll be building an active stress management plan.

    Week 3

    Good Morning! We'll be looking at how to ensure you "get out of bed on the right side" and think about healthy morning routines to get you started for a Good Day!

    Week 4

    How do ewe sleep? Are you often counting sheep? This week we'll be talking about what it takes to get a good nights sleep.

    Week 5

    This week we'll be looking at exercise and activity, sharing ideas on how to use activity to maintain a positive mood.

    Week 6

    Does your social life have a positive effect on your mental health? We'll discussing how to balance being sociable with taking care of your mental health.

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